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 I have to agree with a mutual’s opinion on Pearl. I like her a lot, but there are time I feel she needs to called out more than she is. Sworn to the Sword is a huge example, because she was conditioning a human child to believe she was nothing, and essentially be a child soldier. I know Pearl’s way of relating to people is by projecting, and she has a lot self-esteem issues. But what she did was massively messed up, and she really should have been called out on it more. 

And I still feel she has to make to Ruby and Sapphire more to assure them what she did won’t happen again. I was kind of frustrated when Pearl said “she had to” manipulate Garnet into fusing with her, because it showed she didn’t really understand why Garnet was angry with her in the first place. Pearl is a great, complex character. And I love characters with lots of flaws, but sometimes I think she needs to called out more when she does shitty things, and she can do some truly awful things sometimes. 


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