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 But let's be honest, Steven Universe is my favourite thing at the moment. 
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 If you have not seen We Bare Bears yet, than I highly recommend it. It adorable, charming funny, occasionally heartbreaking, and has a lot of character diversity. Also Ice Bear. Ice Bear is comedy gold. 
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 I still need to see Jupiter Rising. I hear so many wonderful things about it! 
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 Random Rue spams on Tumblr are fun. I suddenly get Rue feels, and off I go. 
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 I don't think there's a movie I'm looking forward to seeing that comes out this year except for Star Wars episode VII. And that doesn't come out until December. *sigh*
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 The Australian ad for the Netball World Cup is amazing, and looks like the trailer for an action film where women turn into robots at will! www.youtube.com/watch
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 So things that happened at the netball world cup opening ceremoney: 
  • Abbott was booed when he went on stage. 
  • They sang Run the World, with many women dancers dressed in netball bibs on an arena made to look like a netball court. 
  • The other song were also women empowerment songs, such as Roar and Girl on Fire. I think the singer they chose to perform Roar did a better job that Katy Perry, tbh.  
  • The speech by the president of the International Netball Federation, Molly Rhone, was interrupted by cheers when she mentioned the importance of women's sport in the world. 
It was kind of amazing! 
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 This year’s netball world cup will be held in Sydney! I would’ve like to have gone to see a game, but I don’t have the time. It’s been awesome so far, and I wish I knew more who were into this amazing sport. 

It’s rare for me to show any interest in sport, but netball is so awesome. Strategic, fast paced sports with lady athletes ftw! 

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 Really wanted to see the new Fantastic Four movie, but I keep hearing that it's terrible. *sigh* I was hoping it would be an improvement on the previous F4 movies. 
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 We Bare Bears is ridiculously adorable! I wasn't expecting it to be this charming and fun. Also, the theme song was written and performed by Estelle and it's so catchy! 
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 So Yesterday, I found this retelling of The Snow Queen I started writing a while ago. This was a few years before Frozen came out, and was when Disney was still calling it The Snow Queen. But my story was basically a "Rue" take on the Snow Queen, in that she was trapped in that role, and when Kai is freed, she is as well. It goes into her re-discovering who who she is, and her travelling around the country and going on adventures. It wasn't great, but I might work on it again someday. 
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 Peter S. Beagle blows me away with his use of language. His prose are engaging and beautiful. It can be, fun, irreverent and perceptive and epic without ever coming off as flowery or overdone. It's really amazing. The story paced quite well, at least in comparison to the movie. I adore the movie, but it felt so rushed. Taking time with Shmendrick's journey with the unicorn, and looking at the other characters perspectives is much apreciated. 
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 Really useful aticle for writers about woods. My story starts in a forest, so this was useful for me.
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 I only recently found out that Star Wars in the style of Shakespearean plays was a thing. And I believe the best word to describe this is glorious! Ian Doescher wrote a play for all of the Star Wars movies so far, complete with stage directions (exit, pursued by a wampa) and soliloquies. I've been reading the ones for the Original Trilogy and they're delightfully cheesy, as well as inventive. The Empire Striketh Back (can't believe I just wrote that) has Yoda speak in haiku.

I'm loving it so far.


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 I will try to spend more time on here. Tumblr is great because there're lots of people there and it's a good space for sharing stuff, but the lack of privacy settings means that it's not a safe space. Trolls and assholes abound. 
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Hi everyone!
I come back to you with elaborate and ridic Princess Tutu and Harry Potter crossovers.

I totally see Rue as a Hufflepuff, because she is incredibly devoted to those she loves, even when the Raven’s blood should have made that impossible for her. She just shows it in an unhealthy way because of her abusive father.

So in a Harry Potter AU where Rue’s father is a rich and well-known Slytherin, she gets sorted into Hufflepuff, much to everyone’s surprise, including her own. Her father sees her as a disgrace to the "Raven" family, and the other students think she doesn’t belong in Hufflepuff, and she’s ostracized by all houses. However, her fellow Hufflepuff, Ahiru (because of course she’d be a Puff) accepts and admires Rue. Seeing beyond house stereotypes, Ahiru says in rambling, yet perceptive way that she thinks Rue would make a great Slytherin, because she’s smart, cunning and knows what she wants. But she also sees that Rue is really devoted to others and does whatever she can for them. Rue is cheered up by Ahiru’s words. And while she tries to keep a distance from the girl at first, like she does with her other classmates, she eventually becomes protective of Ahiru, helping her when she struggles with her homework and teaching her spells. Rue even starts protecting Ahiru from bullies.

As the school outcast, Rue doesn’t feel like she has a chance with the handsome and popular Gryffindor boy, Siegfried. But Ahiru encourages Rue to go talk to him, even though she has a bit of a crush on him as well. Siegfried’s best friend, the cranky and reclusive Ravencalw boy, Fakir, first runs into Ahiru in the library. And from him, she learns that Siegfried has a crush on Rue but doesn’t know how to approach her. Even though they don’t get along at first, Fakir and Ahiru agree to work together to help Siegfried and Rue hook up. Fakir and Ahiru slowly begin to warm up to each other during their partnership, something both Rue and Siegfried notice. Hijinks ensue. 

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 My mum loved music a lot. And we’d often sing together. I associate classical music with Princess Tutu and my Mum. One of the reasons my Mum used to love Princess Tutu so much was the music. 

I remember my Mum would sometimes spray her room with air freshener while humming and dancing to the tune The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II. That was awesome! 

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                                                                           Me and my Mum sitting together, with my Aunt Beryl standing behind us. This was in early 2013 at my Aunt's birthday party. My mum looked rather even here, but she was always so elegant and beautiful. 
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 My mother passed away peacefully in her sleep a few hours ago. 


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