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 I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by now, but I am legitimately shocked when people criticize Heartcatch Precure for being "too girly."
It's a magical girl show which uses flowers and fashion and its main motifs. Seriously, why are you even watching it?

The show criticizes gender binary politics. The main characters where frilly dresses, like feminine things, and are also powerful fighters who kick ass every episode. Femininity is shown as a strength.

So basically, fandom is being its nonsensical and terrible self. 
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This review of Heartcatch Precure pretty much reflects my feelings about the show. The fight scenes are superior to many shounene ones I've seen! I feel I should have mentioned in my earlier write up of this series, that one of the villains is a brilliant and hilarious parody of the "hot-blooded and manly" shounen hero. Once, when he goes on a rant about how "manly" he is for wanting to get stronger at any cost... one of the magical girls punches him in the face. Then she says something to the effect of "jeez, that's really stupid and shallow!" 

Now Megaupload has been deleted, I'll provide information about locating episodes whenever I rec a show from now on.

You can find episode of Heartcatch Precure here: http://www.animeultima.tv/watch/heartcatch-precure-english-subbed-dubbed-online/ 

And a torrent here: http://bakabt.me/details.php?id=157707&page=1#comments 

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 I've already picked my subjects for when I start uni again in March. I'm going to study Retelling Myths and Tales: Classic to Contemporary and Editing.  I'm excited about both of them, but I'm especially excited about the first one. Because studying the origins of myths and fairy tales and looking at ways of reinterpreting them is relevant to my interests. 

I'm going to participate in the March [livejournal.com profile] womenlovefest It's a week long fest dedicated to celebrating and defending unappreciated ladies in fandom. The held a fest last year and people came up with some amazing things!  I've claimed Rue and Tsubomi Hanasaki from Heartcatch Precure (I have an absurd amount of love for that show). I'll probably do something for Ahiru too. I'm going to start writing about them very early so I have time for the other things going on that month. 
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I recently finished watching Heartcatch Precure. It's a cheesy and quirky Magical Girl anime aimed at young girls... but I unironically love it! I love it so, so much.

This series is really an excellent one, overall. It has some great fight scenes and fantastic, well-developed characters with engaging character arcs. 



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