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I had plans to head into Melbourne tomorrow with two of my friends so I could help with a same-marriage rally being held in St. Kilda. However, it's been canceled due to flash flooding. Even driving in Melbourne is impossible right now.

Also, one of my friends rang earlier and said she couldn't go anyway because some things have come up she's going through a pretty difficult time.

My other friend asked me if I wanted to try and see Black Swan tomorrow. I said I would.

I was planning on writing a review for a novel a read last year about lady convicts in the 1830s, but I'm feeling too anxious to finish it right now. I'll most likely get it done in a few days.
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Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Black Swan the other day. It was sold out by the time we got there. Oh well, I'll just have try again some other day.

So, I decided to go go out and dance. Something I rarely do.  It was fun, but some dude came up to me and knocked me. He gave a half-hearted apology, then nudged me repeatedly. He wanted me to give in and start dancing with him. I ignored him at first. My friend intervened and told him I wasn't interested . But he kept pushing me, this time a little harder, putting put me off balance. Finally, I gave him a firm shove. He looked shocked and offended, then left. At this point, I just rolled my eyes and kept dancing with my friend.
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I friend invited me out tonight and were going to see Black Swan. I'm excited. It looks so beautiful, yet rather terrifying.

Also, isn't this an incredibly awesome Tumblr post? strangeandamazing.tumblr.com/post/2865989746/adventuresofcomicbookgirl-i-dont-know-how-to


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