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 Random Rue spams on Tumblr are fun. I suddenly get Rue feels, and off I go. 
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Hi everyone!
I come back to you with elaborate and ridic Princess Tutu and Harry Potter crossovers.

I totally see Rue as a Hufflepuff, because she is incredibly devoted to those she loves, even when the Raven’s blood should have made that impossible for her. She just shows it in an unhealthy way because of her abusive father.

So in a Harry Potter AU where Rue’s father is a rich and well-known Slytherin, she gets sorted into Hufflepuff, much to everyone’s surprise, including her own. Her father sees her as a disgrace to the "Raven" family, and the other students think she doesn’t belong in Hufflepuff, and she’s ostracized by all houses. However, her fellow Hufflepuff, Ahiru (because of course she’d be a Puff) accepts and admires Rue. Seeing beyond house stereotypes, Ahiru says in rambling, yet perceptive way that she thinks Rue would make a great Slytherin, because she’s smart, cunning and knows what she wants. But she also sees that Rue is really devoted to others and does whatever she can for them. Rue is cheered up by Ahiru’s words. And while she tries to keep a distance from the girl at first, like she does with her other classmates, she eventually becomes protective of Ahiru, helping her when she struggles with her homework and teaching her spells. Rue even starts protecting Ahiru from bullies.

As the school outcast, Rue doesn’t feel like she has a chance with the handsome and popular Gryffindor boy, Siegfried. But Ahiru encourages Rue to go talk to him, even though she has a bit of a crush on him as well. Siegfried’s best friend, the cranky and reclusive Ravencalw boy, Fakir, first runs into Ahiru in the library. And from him, she learns that Siegfried has a crush on Rue but doesn’t know how to approach her. Even though they don’t get along at first, Fakir and Ahiru agree to work together to help Siegfried and Rue hook up. Fakir and Ahiru slowly begin to warm up to each other during their partnership, something both Rue and Siegfried notice. Hijinks ensue. 

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 I've discovered that the best way for me to deal with holiday stress is to write about my Princess Tutu feels. I just adore Princess Tutu deconstruction of sexist tropes and cynical bull that's so common in writing. Thinking about it just makes me feel even more depressed about Legend of Korra and it's horrible, horrible love triangle. 

Rue Meta

Mar. 4th, 2012 03:33 pm
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 I'm writing some meta I'd promised to do before more of my time is consumed by uni studies.



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I just created a Tumblr blog dedicated to Rue: http://fuckyeahrue.tumblr.com/ 

The lady needs more recognition. 

I am more than happy to take submissions!  

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 More episode 9 commentary:

Is it wrong that I pressed pause after Fakir entered the art room through the window so I could laugh for a few minutes? I mean, Mytho came to see if Princess Tutu was all right, and he just shyly opens the door. But Fakir is all MUST PROTECT MYTHO, so he jumps through a window, picks up a shard of broken glass and plans to use it as a weapon. WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST DOORS, FAKIR? 

I was just watching that scene and thinking, "Oh Fakir, you dork." I love him deeply, especially when he stops being a douchey, and one of reasons I love him is that he's such a ridic dorkface!


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