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I feel I should do at least a quick post recommending this manga series because it's probably my favourite shoujo manga!

Skip Beat! is extremely clever, sweet and hilarious. It revolves around a teenage girl named Kyoko who's rejected by her boyfriend once he becomes famous. She swears revenge on him and enters the acting industry. Kyoko begins to enjoy acting for its own sake and starts living for herself for the first time in her life. She meets all kinds of people and ends up converting potential female rivals into  good friends. There's also a funny and sweet romance between the Kyoko and a high-profile actor she meets.

Other draws are the fact Kyoko has literal inner-demons that are released after she's betrayed and help her get revenge. Also, the main heroine in a chicken suit which somehow makes her seem more expressive than she already is and last but not least, ice creams of friendship (and lesbian subtext)!

In summary, this manga has a badass and quirky heroine, plenty of wacky humour and lady friendships.  IT IS MAGNIFICENT.
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I think it's finally time I did this post. I've been thinking about it for a while and here it is at last: a big post recommending a series that is quickly becoming one of my favourites. It has a woefully small fandom and liked to see if I can change that!
Cut for length and pics )

So, if you like stories with political intrigue, epic world-building, awesome ladies and complex characters, then you'll love this series!

Here is a link to the fan translated version, which is apparently superior to the Tokyopop translation. www.eugenewoodbury.com/


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