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 I know this is far from the worst thing TV Tropes has done, but the emergence of the “Improbably Female Cast” irritates the hell out of me. What was once I trope that merely denoted there was a large cast of female characters, (Pink Bishoujo Ghetto) was changed to point out the existence of such a cast is improbable. These include bishoujo and magical  girl manga/anime. These genres are supposed to focus on the female characters!

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 It looks like I'll finally get to see the Muppet movie next week! 

I've slowly been loosing interest in MLP: Friendship is Magic, and the last episode was terrible and deeply upsetting. I'm done with this series. 
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The newest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was overwhelmingly adorable.

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The Borders in the area I live will be closing down soon! This means there will on be 11 Borders stores throughout Australia. This is Big No inducing news! They also closed down an Angus & Robertson bookstore ( A&R are a popular chain of bookstores in Australia). Just ... they are so few bookstores in where I live now! D:
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I am so in love with this show! I can't even be bothered caring what anyone thinks about it anymore. It's awesome! This is an AMV I found by TM2Megatron, and it is PERFECT. I think [livejournal.com profile] serenemuffin  will especially enjoy this!

I love them all, but I've decided Fluttershy is my favourite. Twilight Sparkle is a very close second, but Fluttershy is number one for me. She's so sweet and timid, yet really brave. She's so awesome. <3
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I caught some of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic recently on tv, and ... it is legitimately, unironically excellent! Creator, Lauren Faust intended the show to be an intelligent cartoon for girls that boys and adults could also enjoy. And so far it seems like she is very much succeeding in that goal! 

It has a large cast of strong and diverse female characters who all have  unique and interesting relationships with each other. The main character is a bookish, practical and initially ant-social pony named Twilight Sparkle who's told by her mentor to make some friends. She eventually meets five other ponies who help her defeat the main villain in the first two episodes. It's a delightful cartoon with wonderfully done characters and some very clever writing. There is also highly entertaining musical numbers! Here's an example from the second episode:

The ladies are wonderful and the main protagonist is like a pony version of Lisa Simpson in many ways. I strongly recommend it!


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