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 James Bond is traditionally one of the most iconic male fantasy fulfilfment characters. But the times I’ve seen him referred to as a ‘Gary Stu’ have been very, very few. However, a lady onscreen only seems to need one talent or positive trait to be labeled a ‘Mary Sue.’ Usagi, Rey and Katara are just a few prominent examples. 

The amount of times I’ve seen a female character referred to as a Mary Sue, far, far outweighs the times I’ve seen male characters called Gary Stu’s. 

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 Last night, my Dad was watching the news, and during the preview, they talked about the “game that was taking over the world.” And of course they were talking about Pokemon Go. But my Dad said, “Oh, that must be the one with the thrones!” 

I explained that Game of Thrones was a book/TV series, and not a real game. He laughed and said, “well, you can tell I’m an expert on these things!” 

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 Snow white with the Red Hair is a manga, and anime currently in its second season. It has currently taken over my heart. Here are some of the reasons I think it is so amazing: 

1. It’s a romance that firmly focuses on the agency of the main heroine, Shirayuki. She controls the course that her life will go in. Her love interest respects and admires her strength and passion, and it inspires him. 

2. Said love interest is a dorky, earnest prince who, as mentioned above, respects Shirayuki and in turn, inspires her to work hard towards her own goals. 

3. Court politics and class issues are delved into in-depth. It realistically depicts classism and the ways people are oppressed by those in power.

4. Pretty much all of the characters are fleshed out, and get the chance to shine. Even characters who initially seem completely flat, come back later and receive surprisingly gripping development. It has a generally relaxed pace and a slice-of-life feel to it. But the pace never drags because the characters and their relationships are so engaging. 

5. It either subverts, or entirely avoids a lot of gross romantic clichés. When it seems like a male character will be a lionized possessive jerk, he either turns out to be the complete opposite, or he’s called out for that shit straight away. When it seems like a love triangle will develop, it’s averted; the guy has too respect for the girl and her relationship with someone else to ever act on those feelings. Essentially it’s a romance built on respecting the heroine, and it’s incredibly refreshing! Because this is sadly something you don’t see much of.

6. The art style/animation is gorgeous! Beautiful backgrounds with rich detail, and great character designs. 

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I want to make it clear that I do I love shipping. And  I love reading (and writing) fics for my OTPs. But one thing that annoys me in romantic fic is when they portray romantic love as the greatest kind of love. 

I’ve seen so many fic where a character believes the platonic love others have for them could never fufill them the way romantic love does. And they couldn’t live without the person they love reciprocating their feelings. That … isn’t healthy. But I think the way society prioritizes romantic love over other kinds of love can be an unhealthy thing. 

Romance is great to write about, but when two people have a major fixation on one another and its depicted as romantic … that’s not okay. 

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 September will be here soon and so will more Steven Universe. Much celebrating will be had. 
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 As funny as Patton Oswalt is, I am far more invested in seeing Chloe Park again than I am Nom Nom. 
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 I adore comically serious characters, so it's no surprise I loved Ice Bear right away.

I find endlessly hilarious that Ice Bear is at his most emotive so far in Food Truck. When they can't sell in food, he stomps out of the van, irritably throws his apron to the ground and growls in frustration to the sky. I mean, even when he's wide-eyed with flaying arms demanding justice, his voice stays in the same montone. He gets bitten by multiple red ants in the last episode, and gives out an "ouch" in the tone of Eeyore. Ice Bear is a treasure, is what I'm saying here.

Even when he's dramatically taking on a robot vacuum and not uttering a word while doing it, he is utterly charming. And no, please don't be less charming. 
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 But let's be honest, Steven Universe is my favourite thing at the moment. 
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 If you have not seen We Bare Bears yet, than I highly recommend it. It adorable, charming funny, occasionally heartbreaking, and has a lot of character diversity. Also Ice Bear. Ice Bear is comedy gold. 
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 I still need to see Jupiter Rising. I hear so many wonderful things about it! 
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 Random Rue spams on Tumblr are fun. I suddenly get Rue feels, and off I go. 
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 I don't think there's a movie I'm looking forward to seeing that comes out this year except for Star Wars episode VII. And that doesn't come out until December. *sigh*
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 The Australian ad for the Netball World Cup is amazing, and looks like the trailer for an action film where women turn into robots at will! www.youtube.com/watch
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 So things that happened at the netball world cup opening ceremoney: 
  • Abbott was booed when he went on stage. 
  • They sang Run the World, with many women dancers dressed in netball bibs on an arena made to look like a netball court. 
  • The other song were also women empowerment songs, such as Roar and Girl on Fire. I think the singer they chose to perform Roar did a better job that Katy Perry, tbh.  
  • The speech by the president of the International Netball Federation, Molly Rhone, was interrupted by cheers when she mentioned the importance of women's sport in the world. 
It was kind of amazing! 
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 This year’s netball world cup will be held in Sydney! I would’ve like to have gone to see a game, but I don’t have the time. It’s been awesome so far, and I wish I knew more who were into this amazing sport. 

It’s rare for me to show any interest in sport, but netball is so awesome. Strategic, fast paced sports with lady athletes ftw! 

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 Really wanted to see the new Fantastic Four movie, but I keep hearing that it's terrible. *sigh* I was hoping it would be an improvement on the previous F4 movies. 
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 We Bare Bears is ridiculously adorable! I wasn't expecting it to be this charming and fun. Also, the theme song was written and performed by Estelle and it's so catchy! 
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 So Yesterday, I found this retelling of The Snow Queen I started writing a while ago. This was a few years before Frozen came out, and was when Disney was still calling it The Snow Queen. But my story was basically a "Rue" take on the Snow Queen, in that she was trapped in that role, and when Kai is freed, she is as well. It goes into her re-discovering who who she is, and her travelling around the country and going on adventures. It wasn't great, but I might work on it again someday. 


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