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 I just downloaded "The Thief" by Megan Whalen Turner onto my e-reader! I've been wanting to start her novels for a long time. I've heard many good thing about it. It's awesome that I can see reading lots of fantasy novels is my homework for this trimester. 
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 Next week I start studying again for the year. This will be the last year of my degree! 

This trimester, I'm doing a unit in Contemporary Poetry, and another called Driven to Write. It's a unit where we pick a genre of YA fiction, then research and write in that genre for the rest of the trimester. I've already picked fantasy. We're required to read a few books in that genre for the unit. This will give me an opportunity to read books I've been wanting to for ages. I've started reading Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey, which is rather slow but still enjoyable. It has interesting world-building so far, and a lady protagonist who already seems like a dynamic and amazing character. I plan to (finally) read Howl's Moving Castle next, and then The Last Unicorn. So, I'm feeling pretty excited about uni so far this year, 'cause I'm doing things that I really love. Although I probably be stressing hard and wishing it was all over by the time I get towards the end. 


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