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 I saw Pacific Rim today! I enjoyed it a lot. When you watch the film, it's clear that Del Toro wanted to fill this movie with as many awesome cliches as possible. It's a cheesy robot movie, but it's a really, really good cheesy robot movie! 
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 Had to stop watching the Sibling Rivalry review of Despicable Me 2 because I was just getting so annoyed Rob’s commentary. Yes, I actually did want a heartfelt relationship between Lucy and the girls, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They treated being a mother as a role that needs filling in children’s lives. The story never developed a unique relationship between Lucy and her future daughters. Gru got to have a relationship with his kids in the first, here Lucy just fills in the position of mum that was “missing" in their family. I think it’s asking too much for them to actually do something heartfelt like the first. Instead of an improvement, I thought the shift in tone jarred much with the first one so much that I couldn’t connect with this movie.

Rob liked that there was more jokes, but I didn’t. While some of them were funny, I didn’t like a lot of them. A lot of them came from the racial stereotypes, the heteronormativity or people calling Gru ugly for being bald. It wasn’t unique or funny. Or thought the jokes used in the one were (overall) much funnier. A lot of good family films can balance humour and a heartfelt story, I personally think the movie would have benefited greatly from a mix of heart and comedy that didn’t rely on isms! 

Just wanted to vent because this movie, along with Rob’s commentary about it, got on my nerves. I rarely agree with Rob, though. 

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 Yesterday, I went to see Despicable Me 2, and honestly … I didn’t like it very much. Some spoilers  )
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Okay, I've been meaning to do this post for a long time, but I just haven't got around to doing it until now. I think bookelfe will be pleased. ;)

I watched the 1993 movie, Much Ado About Nothing for the first time months ago. And oh man, why did take me so long to watch this movie? Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson are the perfect Benedick and Beatrice. They play so well off each other! Emma Thompson really brings across Beatrice's biting wit in enjoyable way, making her so charming. And Branagh's Benedick  is wonderfully adorkable. The two leads just work so well together! I'm also a fan of Branagh's directing style. 
... I find Keanu Reeves hilarious in this movie! He's melodramatic moodiness just makes me laugh every time he appears. 

I think Michael Keaton was a slightly odd choice for Dogberry, and I think he channelled Beetljuice too much. 

But overall, this is a fabulous movie and is definitely on my favourites list now! 
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 I just saw the Japanese trailer for Brave. And it is epic. It's much better than the U.S American one, and has made me more excited for this movie than ever before. 


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