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 I know this is far from the worst thing TV Tropes has done, but the emergence of the “Improbably Female Cast” irritates the hell out of me. What was once I trope that merely denoted there was a large cast of female characters, (Pink Bishoujo Ghetto) was changed to point out the existence of such a cast is improbable. These include bishoujo and magical  girl manga/anime. These genres are supposed to focus on the female characters!

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 This post is a little jumbled, but I've been thinking about attitudes towards women and feminism, and I just wanted to get my thoughts out in the open. 

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 Wow, TV Tropes, changing the trope "Pink Bishoujo Ghetto" to Improbably Female Cast isn't cool. It implies that anything with a lady heavy cast is "improbable," and something that should be avoided.  Moderators have said it only applies to cases were it would be unrealistic, like in a military unit during a time when women didn't serve on the front lines. But, the trope originally just referred to anything with a large cast of women, not the improbability of such a cast.  

The male equivalent was changed from "Blue Bishounen Ghetto" to Cast Full Of Pretty Boys, which... has the same meaning. A trope that referred to the large amount of representation women had in a piece of fiction was changed to point out the implausibility of that representation. Considering that women don't often have a great amount of representation in the media, this comes off as a little disturbing. And TV Tropes is a large and influential site. I've enjoyed visiting it, and I've used the trope names from there in the past, but they've been disappointing lately. 
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Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Black Swan the other day. It was sold out by the time we got there. Oh well, I'll just have try again some other day.

So, I decided to go go out and dance. Something I rarely do.  It was fun, but some dude came up to me and knocked me. He gave a half-hearted apology, then nudged me repeatedly. He wanted me to give in and start dancing with him. I ignored him at first. My friend intervened and told him I wasn't interested . But he kept pushing me, this time a little harder, putting put me off balance. Finally, I gave him a firm shove. He looked shocked and offended, then left. At this point, I just rolled my eyes and kept dancing with my friend.


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