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This is DS9 meta I wrote ages ago. I wasn't happy about how it looked, so I made some changes to it. 

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 One of my favourite people on Tumblr, adventuresofcomicbookgirl does feminist reviews on anime and manga, looking at their themes and handling of social issues. I was excited that  yesterday she posted a review on The Twelve Kingdoms. This series is an amazing, but still rather obscure. As mentioned in the review, it has extremely detailed world building, phenomenal character development and complex moral situations. There are also amazing, fully fleshed out ladies who go through incredible journeys to discover who they are outside of societal pressures. 

There is a link in the review to both the anime, which is sold on amazon, and the online translations of the original light novels. I personally prefer the light novels because we get to see inside the main characters head in the anime doesn't allow. And as mentioned in the review, the anime adds two characters who were awkwardly inserted into the plot, and really didn't need to be there. However, I would still highly recommend the anime. It has beautiful animation, wonderfully done music and top notch voice acting. And aside from the aforementioned changes, is very faithful to the source material. Everyone should read the review. It's one of my favourite stories, and I can't emphasize enough how amazing I find it. 

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This is a festival to celebrate all kinds of ladies, both real and fictional! So, go have fun and picspam, share quotes, fic or whatever you want. 

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 Today is International Women's Day and Sailor Moon just turned 20! Two very awesome things during a time when I'm seeing a lot of lady hate. BTW, this post celebrates the influential and gender-positive ideas in Sailor Moon. It is awesome and relfects a lot of my feelings towards this series.

I'm also going to see Dickens' Women with Miriam Margolyes tomorrow! I'll give a report the next day, as promised! 

I'm a little surprised that I haven't received any attacks for my lady meta on Tumblr, yet. But, I don't post meta on Tumblr often. I've only recently got up the courage to. Plus,  I'm nowhere near as well-known as some of the people I follow who've been attacked for their essays defending ladies. But If I made a one sentence post saying that Batman is overrated, haters would probably come flocking. :p 

Rue Meta

Mar. 4th, 2012 03:33 pm
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 I'm writing some meta I'd promised to do before more of my time is consumed by uni studies.



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I just created a Tumblr blog dedicated to Rue: http://fuckyeahrue.tumblr.com/ 

The lady needs more recognition. 

I am more than happy to take submissions!  

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Finally finished the Anthy meta I've been working on. 

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 I've already picked my subjects for when I start uni again in March. I'm going to study Retelling Myths and Tales: Classic to Contemporary and Editing.  I'm excited about both of them, but I'm especially excited about the first one. Because studying the origins of myths and fairy tales and looking at ways of reinterpreting them is relevant to my interests. 

I'm going to participate in the March [livejournal.com profile] womenlovefest It's a week long fest dedicated to celebrating and defending unappreciated ladies in fandom. The held a fest last year and people came up with some amazing things!  I've claimed Rue and Tsubomi Hanasaki from Heartcatch Precure (I have an absurd amount of love for that show). I'll probably do something for Ahiru too. I'm going to start writing about them very early so I have time for the other things going on that month. 
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I recently finished watching Heartcatch Precure. It's a cheesy and quirky Magical Girl anime aimed at young girls... but I unironically love it! I love it so, so much.

This series is really an excellent one, overall. It has some great fight scenes and fantastic, well-developed characters with engaging character arcs. 


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I really hope that the rumour about Korra being an descendent of Sokka and Suki is true. OH GOD I HOPE IT IS TRUE. On that note, THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER. You know, if it's never confirmed; it is canon in my mind now.

 Fanart by [info]schellibie 

She's secretly proud to have inherited her ancestor's mad drawing skillz, yo.
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I've been really stressed lately with all things I've had to do, but I have almost evrything under control! I'm officially studying again and things are interesting so far. I'm working on a monologue for a class exercise. I'll also be writing up a monologue for the first assessment. I've already listened to some Alan Bennett's Talking Heads series for inspiration. A chip in Sugar really took me aback. There's something incredibly jarring and painful about that particular monologue. I think they're overall very interesting to listen to.


Look at those shoulders! This is just ... unbelievably amazing. I keep asking myself if this is real life! HNNNG
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Riza Hawkeye

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This is a storyboard for Wicked's Defying Gravity done by Heidi Gilbert, Minkyu Lee, and Jennifer Hager, all artists who work for Disney Feature Animation. Just ... LOOK AT THIS! ISN'T IT AMAZING? As many others have said, animation would be an excellent medium for Wicked. The story is made for animation. I would love to see this movie SO, SO MUCH. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.


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