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This morning, I had a panic attack for the first time in month's. My nerves are still a bit shaky. 

So, I'm going to rant about stuff I've read on Tumblr about Revolutionary Girl Utena to help take my mind of it.Mild RGU spoilers )
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When people dismiss Anthy or Rue for being horrible and evil, I feel they miss out on something. And I don't just mean... the point. But interesting, well-developed character with amazing and inspirational character arcs. Those so many things you can get from these characters when hampered by misogyny. And yeah, the same thing could be said for many other women in fiction.  

Because these things fun and spirit lifting, here's
my hugbox

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Finally finished the Anthy meta I've been working on. 

Cut for spoilers )
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   I've been preoccupied with a few rl things the last couple of days. I'll get around to writing a Princess Tutu reaction post and finishing memes tomorrow. For now, have this amazing trailer for the remastered version of Revolutionary Girl Utena. I MUST GET THIS ONE DAY. IT LOOKS SO PRETTY. 

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I wrote this fic for [livejournal.com profile] hyena_gal  
Fandom:  Revolutionary Girl Utena
Characters: Kozue
Summary: Kozue contemplates on her relationship with her brother.
Warning: Disturbing material, though that probably goes without saying.

Instincts )


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This fic was requested by [info]cypsiman2 

Fandom:  Revolutionary Girl Utena
Characters: Juri/Miki
Summary:  Long after Utena has left Ohtori, Juri and Miki still like to have fencing practice with each other.

Perfection )


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For those of you who haven't seen them yet, screenshots from the remastered version of Revolutionary Girl Utena have been floating around on Tumblr. They absolutely gorgeous! *_*

pics under cut )

I'm going to save up for this!


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